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Part of the BrightECO© Economic Growth Ecosystem as illustrated in the Virtuous Circle

A division of Beacon Investment Partners, LLC (Beacon – BIP),  aiWeek Media is part of the BrightECO© economic growth ecosystem. Through this interconnected financing network, Beacon facilitates growth and prosperity for investors, inventors, founders, entrepreneurs, EB-5 Visa investors and their families through support and public funding for disruptive, emerging-growth ventures. Ventures who jump into Beacon’s Virtuous Circle© can expect to list on the TSX-V Canadian stock exchange in two years or less, then progress to their IPO on a New York stock exchange within a few short years. Investors, advisors and founders who support and fund the new companies’ growth pre-IPO can expect outstanding returns on their investment. Entrepreneurs and EB-5 Visa founders and their investors can bootstrap communities within enterprize zones most in need of dramatic, sustained economic development.

AIWEEK BOOTSTRAP YOUR COMMUNITY AND GROW YOUR COMPANY WITH PUBLIC FUNDSaiWeek Media is an interactive online media portal delivering unbiased financial, business and STEM research, case studies, blogs, news and views that provide subscribing members, accredited investors (ais) and everyday Americans in free states that coordinate with the SEC, with member-only access to emerging, high growth pre-IPO venture investment deals. Investors will also be presented with other independently reviewed investment opportunities.

aiWeek Media subscribers can greatly enhance their financial literacy about opportunities to bootstrap needy communities by investing in select high-growth emerging ventures, driving jobs and economic development in their own neighborhoods and towns – or those cities in most need of revitalization.

After downloading and viewing early-stage venture presentations, recorded conferences and confidential independent BEST Due Diligence Reports from the BrightChange Charityprospective investors then may meet face-to-face online with entrepreneurs and their venture teams through a secure videoconferencing connection on aiWeek. BrightChange provides independent, high caliber, comprehensive BEST Due Diligence on new ventures to encourage investor confidence, as well as BEST Advisors, who mentor, coach, advise and serve member entrepreneurs in both per diem-ad hoc and pro bono roles.

aiWeek members with scalable, disruptive ventures present deals online to curious subscribing investors. These entrepreneurial innovators are supported by BrightECO©, an economic growth ecosystem that includes BrightChange, connecting and benefiting investors, students and PostDocs, communities and their workforces, and, obviously, innovative entrepreneurs seeking public financing in order to “go public” in a Virtuous Circle© of cyclical, ongoing financial growth and support.

Investors receive outstanding due diligence before investing in venture deals. Ventures enjoy self-fulfilling funding through their Regulation A public offering with standby-underwriting (through Beacon Investment Partner’s financial service syndications), leading inevitably to ventures raising millions and trading on the TSX-V stock exchange in less than two years.

aiWeek Media also delivers provocative lifestyle content, engaging investors and entrepreneurs in meaningful dialogues and trend-driven community forums and blogs. Members will have exclusive access to exclusive collaborative clubs, special events, seminars, trips and secure video conferences, “Best of aiWeek” rewards and recs, member-only luxury auctions, classified offerings, and uncommon, exclusive goods and services.

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About Beacon Investment Partners, LLC

A beacon for investors navigating a stormy economy, we light the way so that you can reach a financially prosperous and secure future. Beacon recognizes that we need a new approach to corporate financing of concept-, seed- and emerging-stage companies, now more than ever. Beacon is the architect of a novel economic growth ecosystem, BrightECO©, that constitutes an integrated support system for the commercialization of innovation.

We call it the Beacon Model©.

We believe that our clients — investors and entrepreneurs seeking high growth — will achieve extraordinary financial success and contribute toward bootstrapping communities in need of economic strength and sustainability.

Learn how through our Virtuous Circle©.

Lighting the way to make ingenuity pay.

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