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Mr. George W. Beard

Managing Member Beacon Investment Partners, LLC

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George W. Beard, Managing Member of Beacon Investment Partners, LLC, (Delaware, USA, Beacon – BIP)    is the creator of the “Beacon Model for Entrepreneurs,” a public finance avenue for disruptive concept and start-up stage ventures.  Read Mr. Beard’s LinkedIn profile.

Mr. Beard has 30 years experience as a serial start-up entrepreneur, Business Angel and development consultant. He has acted as an emerging growth company “turn-around” executive in the areas of sales, marketing, mergers, strategic planning, finance and general management. Mr. Beard’s previous clients include Honeywell Information Systems (HISI 3200: 1st General Purpose mainframe computer w. telephony), G.E., Blue Cross (where Mr. Beard designed the central network database system, CIP), American Mutual Insurance Company (managed Systems and Programming Departments), AVCO, Fidelity, Prime Computer, MUMS founder (MultiUser MicroSystems), EES founder (card-swipe Mac), i Corp (founder, world’s fastest x86 servers), ThugBuster founder, Lotus/IBM and Wang, among others.

His strategies and innovations make valuable contributions to many companies. Beard’s patented Security System, having card access and a stealthy internal lock, is frequently referenced in security patent applications. In recognition of his contributions in business and industry, Beard was invited to become a Sloan Fellow at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. There, and at Harvard, he studied multi-national production strategy and finance, earning a Masters degree in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MSB, MIT). Mr. Beard studied Electronics & Industrial Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He is also a founding partner of, and Chairman of the Board of, KeepTrack USA, Inc.

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