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Mr. Ray Winn

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Ray Winn has had an international career spanning five decades. Mr. Winn is a business entrepreneur with experience in both corporate management and the creation of high-technology and commercial products and processes, serving clients from both the public and private sectors. Mr. Winn’s direct management experience includes the large scale field technical operation of atmospheric and underground nuclear weapons testing, high speed photography, nuclear submarine program management, nuclear rocket engineering and instrumentation, general nuclear instrumentation and medical instrumentation.

Ray’s patents and technology developments include medical, Radar, cooling devices, photo chemicals, UV light sources, semiconductor processes, and optics. Total sales for his patented product exceed one billion dollars per year. Mr. Winn’s corporate and related management experience includes creation and guidance of technical R&D programs, large-scale test site development and construction, assisting in the merger and acquisition process, corporate image development, and marketing.

While he was with EG&G, he brokered the investment by his company and Continental Capital (part of Continental Oil) to fund KLA, Inc. as a startup. This company eventually became KLA/Tencor (KLA) and it is now a multibillion publically traded company. He was the program manager for the Nuclear Rocket (Rover/Nerva) on the industrial side and managed the camera imaging system for the Viking Mars orbital and Lander.

After retiring from EG&G, Inc., Ray financed and founded two startup companies, selling one to the Hunt Chemical Group and the other to DuPont. He also co-founded Fine Semitech (Korea) (FST) and is presently a shareholder in that company traded on the Korean Exchange. For his own portfolio, he acquired and developed a broad-based real estate portfolio of office, medical, retail, strip, shopping centers and mixed use buildings in Texas. Mr. Winn has been a NanoLife shareholder since 2003, and until his election as Chairman & CEO, served as President & COO since 2005. Mr. Winn is an investor in, and a member of the Board of Directors of KeepTrack USA, Inc.

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