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    Beacon Investment Partners, LLC, is a United States company with a mission of commercializing innovation, helping inventors, innovators and investors achieve prosperity through a Virtuous Circle© of strategic wealth management and sustainable community building.

    We sponsor BrightChange as part of this strategy as it is a vital part of BrightECO©, our economic growth ecocsystem that connects investors and venture teams with excellent daily dealflow on aiWeek Media, capitalizing on Regulation A public offering memorandums and the Jobs Act.

    Please reach out to learn more. You will be proud to become part of this exciting movement to bootstrap Main Street, fund innovative new ventures, support foreign EB-5 Visa Investors to found their companies in the United States and enable inventors to get their patents out of the drawer and onto American assembly lines in factories where economic revitalization is needed most.

    About Beacon Investment Partners, LLC

    A beacon for investors navigating a stormy economy, we light the way so that you can reach a financially prosperous and secure future. Beacon recognizes that we need a new approach to corporate financing of concept-, seed- and emerging-stage companies, now more than ever. Beacon is the architect of a novel economic growth ecosystem, BrightECO©, that constitutes an integrated support system for the commercialization of innovation.

    We call it the Beacon Model©.

    We believe that our clients — investors and entrepreneurs seeking high growth — will achieve extraordinary financial success and contribute toward bootstrapping communities in need of economic strength and sustainability.

    Learn how through our Virtuous Circle©.

    Lighting the way to make ingenuity pay.

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