Entrepreneurs, Venture Teams and EB-5 Visa Founders Can Find Help to Reach their IPO at Beacon

Beacon Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  1. Quickly earn all of the million dollars you’ll need to invest for your family’s EB-5 Visas.
  2. Raise $1-$6+ million of pure equity from the public (no means tests, no debt).
  3. Become a public company in less than six months from new tech growth company formation.
  4. Employ a Regulation issuance of Units – ‘firmly’ underwritten by a Beacon-managed BDC so as to absolutely assure registration and trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture (TSX-V).
  5. Reduce your public offering’s cost of capital by over $1 million.
  6. Sell equity – Common shares – become listed and trading worldwide in less than a year following proof of concept.
  7. Common stock shares are sold in Units, which also contain an EO-IPO right.
  8. Unit includes an equal opportunity right to allocation of a share participation in the first day’s opening of trading on the effective date of your (hoped for) qualified, form S-1 IPO in the US.
  9. The venture team determines the price and the number of Common stock shares to be issued and there is no need for an Investment Banker, a Road Show, a selling syndicate or their analysts.
  10. You’ll set the value on your new company (although overreaching will not engender a recommendation from Beacon Investment Partners, LLC).
  11. You’ll publish audited reports quarterly. Your Investor Relations (IR) firm and financing will experience advertising efficiency thanks to aiWeek Media and to BrightChange resources.
  12. Investors in Regulation A issued shares are immediately free to trade them.
  13. Trading in Canada, your new venture will not be subject to Sarbanes-Oxley Act burdens.
  14. Stock options that enjoy TSX-V liquidity when they vest, attract top grade managers.
  15. Slash your burn rate thanks to the availability of BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce.
  16. Acquire private companies for stock or for stock and cash and get “in the black” fast and shave years off “time to market.”

Public Equity Changes Everything

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