The Promise of Innovation

An Appeal to America’s Self Interest

By their nature, growth enterprises are the workhorses of innovation and profitability in our society. One powerful area of engagement open to both investors and entrepreneurs is to foster the growth of such companies as a way to promote and accelerate innovation – as investors and entrepreneurs. A little-known way to nurture them intensely and persistently in their development is to provide early access to public finance and to global securities markets, so that the capital gap which has plagued and stunted business growth can be sharply reduced or eliminated.

Beacon Investment Partners is a unique international resource designed in every detail to help small business access public capital. Through Beacon-backed offerings of Common stock shares with EO-IPO warrants, ordinary individuals and community groups can team up with sophisticated professional investors. Unlike private equity (PE), there is no means test. By taking advantage of Beacon’s resources and by providing some of the ongoing financial support necessary to realize innovative dreams, communities can become far more proactive in achieving their own economic development.

America grew great by opening up its vast geographic territory to pioneers, and later its home ownership and its pathways to savings and investment by ordinary workers and citizens. Everyone wants to own a piece of the rock, and in America we are all better off because we make it possible for anyone to do so.

The Beacon Investment Partners, LLC, mission and unique “IPO Express” resource is predicated upon the proposition that everyone gains when the public is given liberty to share directly in our productivity and when anyone can start a business and succeed if the idea is good enough. Beacon has come along at a time when our nation, and indeed the world, needs an enduring standard of achievement that also incorporates an efficient enabling mechanism. That new standard is not location or emulation, nor even competitiveness, but innovation in the things all of us do with the means given us in our individual quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – for ourselves as well as others.

The 20th century gave birth to antibiotics, polio vaccine, the double helix, nuclear energy, space travel, the digital computer, the Internet and a panorama of knowledge-based industries. The common denominator of progress was not earth-shattering breakthroughs in any particular area, but the restless, relentless, irrepressible ambition of individuals to engage in change and innovation.

Likewise, in commerce and finance, innovation was no less at the root of remarkable developments in the way people commercialize discovery and conduct transactions. The growth of agribusiness, frozen food, quick service restaurants, shopping malls, recycling, television, mobile phones, mutual funds, ATMs, prepaid cards, venture capital, SBICs, SBA and USDA loan guarantees and BDCs are examples.

What the 21st century will bring can only be guessed because most of it lies beyond the horizon of our imagination. Yet the role of innovation is no less central to the profound changes that lie ahead than it was in the past. Futurists are agreed on one aspect: the pace of change will be faster.

If all of this is reasonable, then the greatest opportunity each of us has to participate in the remaking and reinvention of society now and in the future, is to rally our best effort around the support of innovation.* Let the future unravel as it will while we engage in innovation. All aboard the “IPO Express.”

Five percent of the incentive money earned from BDC seed stage equity investments managed by Beacon Investment Partners will be used to fund scholarships, classes and mentoring for entrepreneurs.

About the Authors
Vincent A. Fulmer is a co-founder of the M.I.T. Enterprise Forum and a member of its Executive Board. He is a nationally recognized advocate of entrepreneurship.

George W. Beard is Managing Member of Beacon Investment Partners, LLC (Delaware, USA) and founder and CEO of KeepTrack USA. KeepTrack is a development-stage physical cargo security and supply chain IT firm. KeepTrack features a portable Katie Bar® internal locking platform for containers which securely incorporates patented sensing and imaging while offering every innovator an “open” standard, “plug-and-play” bus and an open application programming interface (API).

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