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Our Virtuous Circle© below illustrates how BrightECO©, Beacon Investment Partner’s economic growth powerhouse, helps investors, ventures and communities prosper!” BrightChange provides essential support systems to emerging ventures in BrightECO© Through the sponsorship of Beacon Investment Partners, BrightChange provides essential support systems to emerging ventures immersed in BrightECO©.

Through the funding and resources provided by BrightChange, venture teams will be able to access highly skilled advisors through BEST (BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce) and be able to offer prospective investors independent, unbiased, thorough BEST Due Diligence Reports on their emerging companies.

Access to BEST Advisors who mentor and coach entrepreneurs provide early-stage venture teams with the critical supports they need for IP (intellectual property) attorneys, business attorneys, patent attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, import / export combination managers, sales, marketing, online initiatives and so much more.

The Virtuous Circle© continues to turn when successful ventures invest their first $1 million in charitable gifts to BrightChange, supporting another rotation of the cycle.

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About Beacon Investment Partners, LLC

A beacon for investors navigating a stormy economy, we light the way so that you can reach a financially prosperous and secure future. Beacon recognizes that we need a new approach to corporate financing of concept-, seed- and emerging-stage companies, now more than ever. Beacon is the architect of a novel economic growth ecosystem, BrightECO©, that constitutes an integrated support system for the commercialization of innovation.

We call it the Beacon Model©.

We believe that our clients — investors and entrepreneurs seeking high growth — will achieve extraordinary financial success and contribute toward bootstrapping communities in need of economic strength and sustainability.

Learn how through our Virtuous Circle©.

Lighting the way to make ingenuity pay.

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