Beacon Provides Alternative Investment Resources and Public Funding Through Regulation A Offerings for Investors and Entrepreneurs with New Ventures Seeking IPO through DPO

Let Beacon Investment Partners guide you to prosperity.

Investors, entrepreneurs and communities follow the Beacon Model.

A beacon for investors navigating a stormy economy, we light the way so that you can reach a financially prosperous and secure future. The leaders of Beacon Investment Partners believe that we need a new approach to corporate financing of concept-, seed- and emerging-stage companies, now more than ever. Beacon is the architect of a novel economic growth ecosystem, BrightECO©, that constitutes an integrated support system for the commercialization of innovation.
We call it the Beacon Model©.
It is a local startup venture's essential blueprint for the self-fulfilling series of capitalizations needed for hockey-stick growth. We believe that our clients, investors and entrepreneurs seeking high growth will achieve extraordinary financial success and contribute toward bootstrapping communities in need of economic strength and sustainability.
Learn how through our Virtuous Circle©.
Lighting the way to make ingenuity pay. Join this powerful agent of change today - call 305.735.3827.

How will Beacon's avant-guarde investment strategy increase your prosperity?

Beacon Model's© BrightECO© growth ecosystem guides investors, EB-5 founders & entrepreneurs to achieve wealth.

Facilitates investment in high tech, emerging supported ventures on their path to listing on the TSX-V and later a New York Exchange through the BrightECO© system that the Beacon Model© inspires. Investors get in early, ventures receive the support they need for success, including standby underwriting of their Regulation A Offering and listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange, the TSX-V. 

Quite simply, if you want to be on the road to wealth and security, you want to follow this path. Beacon illuminates every step of the way for investors, EB-5 Visa investors, entrepreneurs, PostDocs, students and others who believe in the rewards of investing in pre-IPO ventures going public in a year or two with standby underwriting.

Our economic growth ecosystem is a supernova for growing sustainable local economies and achieving personal wealth as shown in our Virtuous Circle©. Jump in as an investor, EB-5 Visa founder, venture team, advisor, coach, mentor, contributor or philanthropist. You will join a powerful force to energize economic prosperity.

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Help light this beacon, shining the way for investors, high tech, disruptive ventures and communities in need of economic growth to prosper and thrive! Seeking sponsors, philanthropists, ideators, BEST Advisors, manufacturers and skilled Due Diligence Researchers.

As a leading sponsor of the BrightChange charity, we believe that investing in emerging ventures, PostDocs, inventors, EB-5 Visa founders, entrepreneurs and enterprise zones in need of economic growth will increase wealth and sustainability of it for all. Become a BEST Advisor, help with Due Diligence, support the prototyping labs and more.

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Beacon’s bloggers and reviewers will help you parse through your growing list of “somedays.”

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